Tribute Artists

  1. Just John and Paul UK
    Just John and Paul UK
    “Just John and Paul” are Glen and Dean,two brothers who together capture the magic and music of Lennon and McCartney. With their Northern British humor and amazing delivery of music the two fill the stage and deliver a variety of Beatles classics. They are the UK,s most popular Beatles duo and play a wide variety of theaters and festivals across the UK and Ireland. They grew up together influenced by the Beatles, making them passionate fans. They have both performed as Lennon and McCartney in various bands since 1995 until deciding to go it alone…together. Over the years, they have toured the UK, Ireland, Europe and India, including dates at Wembley Stadium, Earls Court, Disneyland Paris, annual Beatles Conventions, Liverpool Town Hall, countless Butlins and Haven holiday parks. They have‘ honed to perfection, the live aspect of their show. They play, note for note, exactly what Lennon and McCartney played on record. This is enhanced by the trademark Hofner Violin Bass Guitar and 3Ž4 Length Rickenbacker guitar. For even more authenticity, the 'fab gear' sound is complete with original 1960’s Vox equipment! The amps sound right, they look right and so do the boys in those Pierre Cardin collarless suits and Cuban heeled boots, made to exact specifications. These guys are so committed to their Beatles personas that Dean spent three months in his purpose built recording studio with a replica of Ringo’s Ludwig “downbeat” drum kit and George Harrison’s Gretsch guitars and 12 string Rickenbacker guitar and recorded the most authentic Beatles backing tracks to further enhance their sound. He committed to disk, the most authentic backing tracks ever to be heard, further enhancing their sound! Just John & Paul are two very talented musicians / vocalists, able to provide an experience to remember, recreating that of Lennon & McCartney.