Roman Gomez

Roman Gomez is a composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist (piano, guitar, bandoneon) from Buenos Aires, Argentina and Rome, Italy. Since 2008 he is based in Athens, Greece. He has collaborated with musicians in various countries, such as France, Spain, Russia, Latvia, Germany, Italy and Cyprus. In Italy, he worked with Lucio Dalla, Edoardo de Angelis, Tony Esposito, Daniele Sepe and has performed at important venues and festivals worldwide, such as, Teatro Coliseo, Rome, Accordion Festival-Hamburg (Germany), Ateneo Cultural Madrid XXI, Cádiz Municipal Theater (Spain), Pamplona (Spain), Zamora (Spain, for Spanish TV), Murcia, Malaga (Spain) Teruel, Almerìa (Spain) and Omsk, Moscow (Russia), Accademia del Sol and Accademia di Santa Cecilia. He performed tango music at several festivals around Europe. In Greece he worked, among others, with composer Marios Strofalis, Orchestra of Colours and Natalia S. Petsalis (ERT-National TV) and he has performed at prestigious venues, such as The Athens Concert Hall-Megaron, Piraeus Municipal Gallery and Parnassos Literary Association.

Roman has been active in discography, both in Italy and in Greece, as a composer, arranger, producer and instrumentalist. He has recorded with famous singers and musicians, as well as well on experimental music projects. What is more, he had his own rehearsal studio in Rome and made arrangements for famous singers’ albums, TV, radio, theatre and commercials.

His tango music embraces elements of Argentinian and Latin American folklore and has also stylistic elements of jazz. His improvisation and compositional skills possess a creative blend of tango and modern classical music, with influences of C. Debussy, G.Gerswhin and B. Bartok. Recently, he, along with his trio, took part in Preveza Jazz Festival and European Jazz Festival at Technopolis, Gazi, Athens. He is currently working on different projects, one of them with the soundtrack composer Marios Strofalis and conductor Yiannis Hadjiloizou. This summer he gave concerts in Rome, Naples, Cyprus, Rhodes, Corfu and his performance closed successfully Megaro Gyzi's Festival. Roman Gomez is also active as a music teacher, having his personal teaching studio in Athens and Rome. He has also given masterclasses in Rome and in Naples. Apart from his native Spanish, Roman is fluent in Italian, English and Greek.