Daniel Gates

Daniel Gates is a Singer/songwriter from England, UK. Contemporary/soulful solo artist who plays piano and guitar. He has a huge play list, has successfully been the featured piano vocalist for Disney Cruise Lines and is constantly evolving as an artist. To be honest the story is better told in his own words:
  So, whilst nobody has written a Wikipedia article on me yet, I thought I'd give you some background info.  I'm a 24 year old singer/songwriter from Birmingham, UK.  I lived in Osaka, Japan for two years because it seemed like a great idea.  It was.  Now I'm back and I'm throwing everything into my music.
  Going back in time a little..  At the age of 16, I began teaching myself piano on a £99 Yamaha keyboard, courtesy of my Dad (cheers Dad).  Before long, I knew this would be taken seriously so enough money was gradually put aside to purchase my M-Audio Prokeys 88 stage piano.  Needless to say, I was heading in the right direction and no, I am not being endorsed by Yamaha or M-Audio or someone else would be ghost typing this whilst I sat opposite, drinking a fine whiskey on a Chesterfield Armchair.  

  It's taken a long time to get to where I am now (which is still nowhere near where I want to be) but I have the tools and the means to make a lot more possible than I did before.  This makes me happy and although happiness doesn't tend to breed the most inspiration for my best work (Artists, pfft.) it's still bloody well nice to have around, isn't it?
  I suppose I could tell you all about my music but there's really not that much to say other than I love doing what I do.  I explore the depths my imagination.  In return, it speaks to me and through that, a wonderfully melodic story is told.  Poetic, I know..
 Funny thing is that it actually isn't bullshit and I can prove it.  Just download my debut EP Metaphors on December 21st!
  Having not even scraped the surface of the industry is terrifying for most I'd imagine but I have simply lost all interest in caring too much.  I care about what matters and fear?  Well, fear can rip you apart and I'd rather write a song about it than let it actually consume me.  Then perhaps that song would inspire others to think the same and boom, you've made a difference.  That is what truly matters, right?
    I grew up surrounded by musicians making a difference in the world and many of these legends have now fallen.  They didn't necessarily inspire me to do what I'm doing now because music itself shouldn't be the only inspiration creating music.  They did however set the bar pretty damn high so..  Challenge accepted.
  Over and out.