Bettina Bueno

Bettiana is an exquisite opera singer who owns a beautiful soprano voice that will transport you through a wonderful journey of a selected repertoire of international music of all time. Her career started in the musical theater in her hometown of Buenos Aires, home of theaters and world-class artists. She has participated in musicals like Dracula, The Huchback of Notredame, The Rocky Horror Show, Dorian Gray as well as numerous leading and secondary roles starring the best known operas and operettas.

She has a university degree in music as a singer and a strong background in dance and acting. In 2005 she was invited to sing to American presidents gathered under the 4th Summit of the Americas, (Mr. George Bush from USA, Mr. Lula Da Silva from Brazil, Mr. & Mrs. Kirchner from Argentina, Mr. Hugo Chavez from Venezuela, among others, gave her an ovation). Bettiana is an artist who cause sensation, She is being required to participate in numerous scenes of her country and all over the world. During the last 5 years, she has toured national and international in Europe, Asia, USA and Caribbean.