Karen Maybury​​​​

Managing Director

Maybury Webb Creative Inc. / Karen Maybury Creative Connections is a company designed to be a creative platform for independent creative entities. Offering a huge variety of services, the company’s mission is to supply a wide range of talent and resources to the entertainment and leisure industry and be a “one stop” resource center. With a wide network of talented individuals, Karen Maybury is able to meet all of your business needs. From giving an honest and refreshing overview of your present business operation and model, to providing and developing the resources to elevate your product to the next level, Maybury Webb Creative will manage your project every step of the way.

With bases in the UK and USA, the company is able to reach out and provide services to all areas of the world. The services range from program evaluations to writing musical scores, from providing staff and trainers to offering unique entertainment concepts.

Karen Maybury Creative Connections is also the only company who has a team of talented Cruise Directors available for special events and Cruise ship contracts.